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Arbetsgruppen Långhundraleden (the Working Group the Långhundra Waterway)
invites to a presentation of the work around the excavation at the hillfort Broborg



Arbetsgruppen Långhundraleden invites to a presentation:






The enigmatic vitrified wall at the hillfort Broborg - how research on and around it can help us to understand (1) our prehistory, and (2) how nuclear waste may be converted into a form that is stable in the long term

• Experiences from the latest excavation at Broborg.
• Results from investigations of samples in the USA.
• The role and history of Broborg.

Project work on the Swedish side has included the following persons: Mia Englund, Eva Hjärthner-Holdar and Erik Ogenhall at the Archaeologists in Uppsala, a part of the National Historical Museums in Sweden, as well as Rolf Sjöblom at Waste Technology, Luleå University of Technology. At least two of these persons will participate in the meeting.

Husbylånghundra hembygdsförening (Husbylånghundra Local Heritage Association) will be serving coffee and sandwiches free of charge. .

Maximum number of participants: 150 persons.


Arbetsgruppen Långhundraleden (the Working Group the Långhundra Waterway).



After the advertisement above had been finalised, it was determined that there will be the Associate Professors Eva Hjärthner-Holdar and Rolf Sjöblom who will make the presentation together. Eva is an archaeologist with a special interest on prehistoric iron beneficiation which is also the topic of her doctoral thesis. There may be strong connections between the techniques that may have been used by the ancient people in order to achieve the vitrification in the wall, and the techniques used for beneficiation of iron and steel during the iron age. Rolf did his doctoral studies on structural chemistry and has worked for many years on waste technology and energy technology.


Here is a link to Arbetsgruppen Långhundraleden (the Working Group the Långhundra Waterway).

Here is a link to Husby-Långhundra Hembygdsförening (the Husby-Långhundra Local Heritage Association)


Here you can find a description of how to get to Blå Wingen, and this is what Blå Wingen looks like from road 77 according to Google Maps. Please note that if you search on the internet, two different locations will appear, so the advice here is to utilise the links here in order to get to the correct address. The description also shows how to get to Broborg. A good way to prepare oneself for the presentation may be to visit the site.



Rolf's part of the presentation can be found here.

Eva's part of the presentation can be found here.